Rain Dogs At James Joyce’s

Sunday night was music night at James Joyce’s down by Cimsigu Park, Bucharest, Romania. The stars of the evening were Rain Dogs, two very talented guys with a deep affection for the music of Tom Waits. The sultry atmosphere matched the vocals, which in true Tom Waits style sounded like the result of way too many years of whisky and tobacco. Rain Dogs are a tribute band in every sense of the term.

The artists are Jonathan Shade on guitar (British expat living in Bucharest) and Gabi Ghita, guitar and vocals. Gabi looks way too young to be able to twist his vocal chords in such a fashion, but what a voice!! The crowd were treated to some of the finest Waits songs and showed their appreciation with warm applause (although everything else was pretty warm as well…).

After the main event, Joyce’s Music Night opened. Members of the audience were invited to take the floor, and there were some fine female artists to take the spot. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and we will be going back again for the next event.