EcoXtrem Trekking Romanian Expat Challenge

Bucharest Expat have teamed up with EcoXtrem Trekking to bring you the chance to participate in the greatest race in Romania – the Romanian Expat Challenge. This provides you with the chance to take part in an event that challenges your capabilities across a range of activities including map reading, fishing, rock climbing, abseiling and other tests.

As well as having the excitement of the challenges of an outdoors experience, you should also think about the places that you will visit and the sights that you will see during the action packed day. There is Rucar Bran Lane that takes its greatness from the neighbouring mountains and unique charm from the legend of good old Dracula. There is the Monastery of Curtea de Arges where you can discover the hidden story of the master builder Manole and his unfortunate wife Ana. You will see the beauty of the Dumbovita Gorges and visit a traditional sheepfold to find out more about natural food processing. Whilst enjoying this cultural feast you will be torn between lingering to discover more whilst knowing that you are participating in a race which you may just be keen to win…

Participants will depart from Bucharest in the morning of May 7th and last approximately 12 hours. Before departure you will be given a map that shows you the road to the checkpoints. The event is designed to challenge you mentally and physically through the day. The event requires good collaboration between the members of the team and challenges your focus as you have to pay attention to every clue. In time honoured tradition the first team to cross the finish line are the winners.

And just as the crowd were thinking that it was all over, the post race party will start. In the evening the winning team will be celebrated in a party fit for champions, and everyone else will be celebrating with them. The event will warm up with guitar led singing near the campfire and the revelry can continue late into the night.

Whether you are a night owl or you take an early rest, the next day brings more opportunities to explore the delights of Romania and learn new skills. There will be a visit to Bran Castle (with alleged links to, yes you guessed it, Dracula), Rasnov citadel where archery skills can be learned or practised and then onto Poiana Brasov for more fresh mountain air and a fabulous view of the city of Brasov.

There is naturally a prize for the winners, and Bucharest Expat are throwing in an additional prize for the first of our readers teams to cross the finish line. The rules can be found in the downloadable PDF file. To participate, you need to contact EcoXtrem Trekking by phone on 0725 539272 or by email at:

Download The EcoXtrem PDF Now

To qualify for the additional prize that we are sponsoring you need to register the fact that you are a friend of Bucharest Expat when you sign up.

A quick word about our partners for this event. EcoXtrem Trekking offer a broad variety of trips throughout Romania that can either be selected from an existing range or tailored to meet individual requirements. They work with both individual groups and companies and they have been delivering high levels of customer satisfaction since 2006. For more details check out the EcoXtrem Trekking Website. their website at the following address.