The First Whispers Of Six Nations Rugby

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For the sports fans amongst you that prefer to see men playing with odd shaped balls, the Six Nations competition is almost with us. For rugby fans the excitement is doubled this year as a successful spring could lead to further success in the Rugby World Cup that will be played in New Zealand this summer.


Bucharest Expat, with Whispers Bar have tried to pick the likely favourite, and national bias aside, this is difficult. We looked at the autumn round of internationals for some clues, but the results are more difficult to read than an upturned cup of tea (loose leaf, not bag…. We do not want to get into too much fortune telling because of the tax implications but we did look at the evidence.However, we will be gathering at Whispers bar to shout and scream and as i am Scottish, probably cry…

In the first round of matches, all of the southern hemisphere team won. No surprise there. In the next weekend there was an upset when England beat Australia and looked good doing it. Ireland drew with Samoa and Ireland gave the South Africans something to think about. The Bucharest Expat team were doing their best to catch as many of these games as possible in the pub – all in pursuit of a good story.

In the third weekend England managed to scrape a win against the very physical Samoan side, the French beat Argentina and Scotland delivered the next upset by beating South Africa. Game on!! The Bucharest Expat team were now awaiting the final games with a combination of anticipation and trepidation. Could Scotland move forward from their win and beat Samoa? Would South Africa bounce back against England? Should France keep their momentum and beat Australia? After an epic weekend of rugby there were three positive results for the northern hemisphere. The Scots came out with their heads held high after beating Samoa, Italy beat Fiji and Romania beat Uruguay to qualify for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

So what did we manage to learn from this marathon of rugby? We managed to draw several conclusions:

1.     Our rugby expertise increased for every glass of beer that we drank, and the referees became proportionally worse at the same time.

2.     Whispers is a fun place to watch rugby (and the all day breakfast proved to be a source of comfort).

3.     The results mean that we have no idea who will come out top in this seasons Six Nations but we will be watching with avid interest.

The Six Nations Fixture Schedule for 2011 is below, with all times being British (so add another two hours for the local experience). Members of the Bucharest Expat team may be found in Whispers Pub In Bucharest keeping a HIGH profile over a beer and a breakfast. See you there!

Friday 4th February
Wales v England – 7.45pm
Saturday 5th February
Italy v Ireland – 2.30pm
France v Scotland – 5pm

Saturday 12th February
England v Italy – 2.30pm
Scotland v Wales – 5pm
Sunday 13th February
Ireland v France – 3pm

Saturday 26th February
Italy v Wales – 2.30pm
England v France – 5pm
Sunday 27th February
Scotland v Ireland – 3pm

Saturday 12th March
Italy v France – 2.30pm
Wales v Ireland – 5pm
Sunday 13th March
England v Scotland – 3pm

Saturday 19th March
Scotland v Italy – 2.30pm
Ireland v England – 5pm
France v Wales – 7.45pm