ShortsUP Metamorphoses

ShortsUP and  Decât o Revist? present: Metamorphoses

ShortsUP returns to the National Opera of Bucharest on the 26th of March

From childhood to adolescence. From bad to good. From anonymous to heroes. Almost every film contains a transformation, a metamorphosis, surprising or discreet, that captivates and feeds our need to be better, more beautiful and more genuine.

On Saturday, the 26th of March, starting at 10 pm, at the National Opera of Bucharest, a new edition of ShortsUP with the theme Metamorphoses will bring a selection of short movies from around the world.

Short films will come to life around the launching of “Decât o Revist?” (DoR) issue number 5, a seasonal creative magazine of “groundbreaking nonfiction” which emphasizes on stories about the contemporary world we live in.

Former and current DoR “heroes” will be present at the evening of transformations, for ShortsUP is the venue for expressive and diverse forms of arts that arise various spectacular events.

Metamorphoses, in reality or imagination, in films or in the pages of Decât o Revist?, will bring to  life the stage of the opera. A jazz band will contribute to the urban atmosphere, Norzeatic will accompany a film and actress  Madalina Ghitescu will interpret a monologue based on an article of the new issue of DoR.

The short comedy Seraglio, nominated for the Academy Awards, deals with the  metamorphoses of an unlucky housewife. The two directors, Colin Campbell and Gail Lerner,  expressed their enthusiasm towards presenting a short movie at the National Opera, where they staged Oedipus in 1997, together with Andrei Serban.

The movie Six Shooter, directed by Martin McDonagh, known for his feature film In Bruges, can be described as a humorous approach to a serious topic: death itself is a transformation, and we suffer a transformation when the loved ones die. The film was honored with an Academy Award in 2006 and received a nomination for BAFTA in 2005.

One of the surprises of the ShortsUP evening will be a short movie of Corneliu Porumboiu, who succeeds to capture some of the changes that take place in a Romanian village.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on for the price of 25 RON or on the day of the event from the National Opera Bucharest for the price of 35 RON (the price of 35 RON includes an edition of DoR # 5).

The tickets for ShortsUP Metamorphoses give access to the entire program of the event. For details check:

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