Bob Marley In Bucharest, Romania

Celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday on February 6th 1945,

El Negro, Romania’s best and only Reggae band, are playing a Bob Marley Tribute evening!

5th of February at Fabrica Club, at 21.00

Str. 11 Iunie nr. 50, Bucuresti

Buchexpat went round to the El Negro studio last week to listen to the rehearsals for the Bob Marley evening, and to meet the guys again, and I have to say, they were excellent!!

El Negro was formed in February 1999, approaching an entirely new sound, fresh and unique for that time on the post-revolutionary market, dominated by easy music.

El Negro say ‘We stand out with simple and general music messages, finding our expression for a special public, careful with social issues, identity and escaping from the daily increasing routine.”

The debut of EL NEGRO was in France on MCM channel which resulted in a 3 year contract, during which appeared 3 albums : “Reggaesonic” – 2000 / “Reggae bum, bum” – 2002 / “Fuga in Jamaica” 2004.

Check out this YouTube Bob Marley footage…