Romanians Head to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

So where is it that Romanians like to go? Believe it or not, when not driving back and forth to the Black Sea and the Romanian Mountains, Romanians are taking advantage of the cheap flights and the affordable lodging options in the Dominican Republic; specifically Punta Cana.

Why are Romanians traveling to the Dominican Republic Now? It is nice, It is affordable, and most important of all there currently are NO visa requirements for Romanians to enter the Dominican Republic.

These three points combined are not something you will find elsewhere in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic has been a relatively unpopular (or rather “hidden”) Caribbean destination not just to Romanians, but to the entire World for quite some time.

Travel agencies throughout Romania are beginning to feature some “deals” on all-inclusive travel packages that take you into Punta Cana (actually the surrounding villages of Bavaro & Uvero Alto) for a week long stay at many of the Dominican’s family resorts. As you peruse the listings that these Bucharest travel agencies offer, try to target one of three resorts:

Excellence Punta Cana (no children here)


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (just opened)

There are 1 or 2 other all inclusive resorts on the island that offer a true 4 to 5 star experience, however they are not able to be booked through travel agencies (one such resort is topping $1,000 USD per night per person and brings you in via helicopter). Stay away from such resorts as Barcelo, Caribe, Melia, Bahia, Riu, NH… you may be disappointed and there is much better value at the other top resorts here.

Have you seen the Dominican Republic on Romanian TV? We have, and it is HILARIOUS! Imagine your stereotypical “fitze” with their own hired camera crew following them down to “ultra-luxury” in Punta Cana where they can then be filmed on the beaches (which are quite spectacular) and then sipping their glass of champagne whilst bathing in their hotel room hot tub. Uggh. Not to mention they all brag about staying at a 5-star resort that unbeknownst to everyone watching is one of the “weekly special” starter hotels barely worthy of a single star. Gotta love the fitze!

Recently, a couple members of Bucharest Expat, actually re-located down to the Dominican Republic after being in Romania for quite some time. Here’s what they have to say:

“There truly are a lot of Romanians down here. We are hearing Romanian spoken throughout the local shopping malls and around town at some of the restaurants. Not only are Romanians discovering Punta Cana, but there is also quite a large Russian population down here now as well. Even a lot of the advertising is in Russian as you wander around town. We just bought some groceries at a European supermarket here locally to us and were thrilled to find Romanian sunflower seeds as well as Milka chocolates!

Being in the real estate business, we are really looking forward to what we believe will be a major upswing in the luxury and high-end market here, so we’ve positioned ourselves wisely with a Fine Property Marketplace company that specializes in these hard-to-get exclusive properties.

A funny story – as a friend of ours was showing a luxury apartment unit to some people, she thought about giving us a call to have one of us translate any questions from Romanian, but just waited to tell us here story once the Romanians left. The story consisted of these Romanians downplaying the luxuriousness of this particular apartment unit because it lacked Swarovski Crystal knobs on the kitchen cabinets.

So.. aside from this comedy of the day, we do hope to see many more Romanians and other Europeans down here in the Dominican. Our website, Punta Cana Luxury Marketplace, aims to attract many of the wealthy Europeans, English, Americans, and Canadians, to name a few, that were relatively unaffected by the financial crisis. In some instances this very same demographic may have prospered from the crisis. Can Romanians afford our product and lifestyle? Most not, but some yes… and we hope to see them down here enjoying the sun very soon!”

It is interesting to note that the Caribbean has become such a draw in such a short period of time for Eastern Europeans, even with the coast of Greece and Spain throwing out travel bargains left and right. Check out the Playa Turquesa community at