An American View Of The American

George Clooney typically hits home runs with his movies… most of the time. In theaters now is the move The American, starring, none other than George himself. As Americans, we went to see this movie at AFI Palace Cotroceni Megafun Bucharest Romania Super-duper bigtime mall (or whatever they have changed their ridiculous name to now). Afi still has the nicest cinemas. The reviews all seemed reasonable for this film: your typical thriller-ish movie with a love story twist strangely similar to all other sniper/CIA/assassin/International Criminal movies right? WRONG! The American was one of those movies where you go in with high hopes, and leave somewhat irritated that you just spent any sum of money at all on 2 hours of your life that you’ll never get back.

Imagine a “B” movie version of an independent film. Filled with cheesy symbolism, twisted romance, lost love, and the sort of musical score that is best left for home video photo montage production, this movie truly leaves you on the edge of your seat…. waiting to see if it could possibly get any worse.

Here’s the story in a nutshell (don’t worry, we won’t ruin it for you):

George Clooney plays the role of an emotionally “lost” contract killer. He had a contract-gone-wrong where he lost someone close to him. This haunts his memories throughout the movie (never been done before right?). He is given his next mission which he vows to be his last (never been done before right?). On this next mission he falls in love with someone he shouldn’t (never been done before right?). He is forced to face a moral dilemma and choose between a life of risk and a life of love. He dies in the end. That’s what makes it The American.

All in all, it appears as though after watching The Expendables and now The American, it has become brutally clear the “economic crisis” is now affecting Hollywood’s best as well… or A-listers are getting a bit more artsy nowadays. If you’re looking for a good place to have a 2 hour nap while spending an afternoon at the mall, then this movie is definitely for you! Check it out…