Why An Expat Gathering?


So, why do we go to an Expat Gathering? What makes this different than any meetup/social group?

Let us explain….

We are a group of expats that have decided that its time to go to an event that is offering something for YOU.

We have arranged partnerships from the following companies;

Snack Attack srl

Offering bread, sandwiches and a selection they know expats love, fresh, healthy, food.

Vino Sur

Home delivered wines from South America, a selection for you to try.

Harley Davidson

Ok, it’s a guys thing, and we love Harley Davidson in Bucuresti, so we asked them to bring some bikes and clothes!!

We want to offer answers to questions like where is the best;

Salsa classes



Camera club

English speaking theatre


A friendly bank

We want a social group YOU like, so come and help us build it

You want to come to Oktoberfest at the Radisson with us?

You want to go a pub crawl?

You want to read travel articles written by people who have written them as expats?

Do you want to write articles?

Come and talk to us on Thursday, if you want to find out why we are different, then see you Thursday!!!