Who Is Bucharest Expat?

As Bucharest Expat gains momentum, we tend to sit down and reflect upon what it is that makes Bucharest Expat unique. What is our goal? Who are we trying to reach? Why does Expat exist in Bucharest Romania?

First let’s address the “we” in Bucharest Expat. Bucharest Expat is a group of expats from all walks of life that live and work in Bucharest Romania. We all came here for a different purpose, but in the end, all have the same basic goals and desires for “expat life” in Bucharest Romania. We wish to network with other expatriates in Bucharest, we wish to learn new things about Bucharest that we may not have known, and above all we wish to provide a solid platform for expats just like us to share their unique stories and experiences.

Bucharest Expat’s online site is a truly unique site in Bucharest Romania that allows for local expats and travelers to essentially “plug in” to our community where they can meet new people, browse are constantly growing selection of resources, chat with one another on our upcoming forum, barter buy or sell products and services on our free classifieds, enjoy our articles from an expat’s point of view, connect via facebook and see “who’s who” in the expat world, and most of all… share and contribute articles of your own! We are NOT a directory to keep in your pocket, and we are NOT recycled news articles. We are stories from and for people like us.

We are always on the lookout for expats that wish to share their stories and opinions. Send us an email if you’d like to be a contributing author and we would love to chat. Do you know a secret place in Bucharest you wish to share with everyone? Do you want to voice your opinion on your favorite (or least favorite) restaurant? Discover a new expat resource you’d love to share with the group? Take a great weekend trip outside the city that you’d like to talk about? These are a few of things we would love to hear about, and it is what helps make our community grow!

Thanks Again For Being A Part of our Growing Community –

We will be having our expat gathering on the 16th of September, and will be releasing the details on this site very shortly. Expats, food, drinks, great venue, and more…

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