Snack Attack, A Bucharest Icon

For those of you that have been in Bucharest for more than fifteen minutes, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the unique facades of Snack Attack. Snack Attack is actually more than the name alone implies. When you walk in you are greeted by a friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, but best of all you’re presented with an easy-to-read menu and a large wall display refrigerator that is home to any one of Snack Attack’s fresh sandwiches, salads, and desserts. For an unbelievably great price, you can pick up a sandwich and a drink if you’re just in and out while on the go, or you can have a seat in some of the larger locations, load up the wi-fi and relax with a great cup of coffee, a hot fresh soup, a toasty sandwich and a great pastry (still at a cost that rivalsĀ  “fast” and not so fresh food).

For Americans, snack attack is a somewhat unique (and excellent) concept in that you order what is a fresh (Snack Attack makes 10,000 fresh sandwiches a day, also delivered to gas stations around Romania) sandwich, and you have the option of eating it cold or “toasted and pressed” between a panini press.

It was 10 years ago, when an Englishman decided that “It was time Romanians had a sandwich company”. Shops opened, the uniqueness set them apart, business grew, and here they are today baking all their own bread, and preparing fresh cakes and hundreds of liters of soup daily.

Snack Attack are grateful for the support of all the expats in Bucuresti and are proud to have the chance to meet at the Expat gathering on September 16th, and introduce the new Snack attack range available for this autumn!!

We look forward to meeting you all, and until then, be healthy!!


Snack Attack