Haveli Indian Restaurant Bucharest

For the first time in a very, very long time, we dined at a restaurant in Bucharest, Romania where we absolutely loved every single item that was on the table… and trust us, we ordered quite a bit of food. Invited to Haveli by Vijay, a local friend, expat, and contributing author to Bucharest Expat, we knew we were in for a real treat when he recommended the BEST Indian Restaurant where the majority of the Indian community dines regularly while in Bucharest.

The setting for Haveli Indian Restaurant (near foisorul de foc) is your typical narrow lot line building in a predominantly residential area. The brightly colored facade adds to the inviting atmosphere once you pass the gated front entry. Inside there is a walk-up bar that is centrally located to 3 moderate-sized dining areas, each one great for your own private party if need be. During the warmer months you’ll opt to site outside on Haveli Indian Restaurant’s acquired adjacent lot that has nice decking and is partially covered. Enclosed fully from the street yet still open and airy this is an excellent terrace.

The staff spoke near perfect English here at Haveli and were extremely friendly and attentive. No worries here if you’re not familiar with Indian food names and how to order, as you can describe what you like and they’ll make something that fits your appetite. The portions here are near-perfect, and one entree and starter is plenty for 2 people, so consider that when ordering. Dishes average 12-15 lei for starters and 24-32 lei for the higher priced entrees and it is a bargain. We ordered everything from black lentil vegetarian dishes, their list of rices, to the hot spicy lamb Vindaloo, and as we said… EVERYTHING was excellent, the best we’ve had (only complaint is the staff didn’t “believe” us when we said we wanted a dish as spicy as they could make it; so using they’re rating scale of 1 to 5 tell them you want a 10 if you like hot food).

For the best Indian Cuisine in town give Haveli Indian Restaurant a try, reservations are recommended.

Haveli Indian Restaruant
Episcopul Radu nr. 3
Bucharest, Romania

021 2110390
072 1721640