Harley Davidson Of Bucharest

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a movie star?  To have people watch every move you make and get that extra special treatment when you go into a coffee shop or restaurant?  Well let me tell you how I became a star for a day

My day started like any other.  I woke up took a shower then got dressed.  After that I headed down to the local Harley Davidson dealer Harley-Davidson Bucuresti, which is close to the shopping mall complex in Baneasa.  I was greeted by Marcel the sales manager who offered me a coffee and a water while I waited for my V-Rod test drive.

By now my personal level of excitement was building.  I could hardly wait to get on this American classic and drive it through the city.  I was very impressed with the dealership it was beautiful inside and the smell inside made me want to ride even more.

Of course I brought my own helmet but Marcel suggested I use his and to my surprise and great delight he offered me a Harley Jacket to wear as I rode.  I was really starting to feel like a superstar.  After putting on my jacket I was given a tour of the bike.  I was surprised at just how well designed the V-Rod actually was.

A few minutes later I started the engine and the steel beast roared to life.  I have ridden many different motorcycles on various continents but I immediately knew this ride would be different.  As I drove out of the dealership and got out onto the open road I amazed at just how much power was at my fingertips.  But the thrill of the power was quickly overcome by the noise coming from the exhaust.  I have to be honest and say that I was now in the middle of an explosion of senses and emotions both from the ease of the ride the noise of the engine the power that was available and the fact that I suddenly realized everyone was looking at me and trying to take my picture as I rode by.

Traffic actually parted for me as they saw and I can only presume heard me driving up behind them.  It was one of the easiest trips through traffic I have ever had.  After putting this beast through its paces in the corners and out on some country roads I decided to take a short break with friends at a coffee shop in the Dorobant area.  When I arrived I parked next to an exotic sports car and as soon as I got off one of the clients of the coffee shop sitting on the terrace got up and asked me if he could look at my motorcycle.  As I went to sit down the waitress immediately came over and asked me I could give her a ride sometime; never before had a vehicle made me feel like so special.

Everywhere I went that day I received special treatment.  Cars moved people stared and even a horse and buggy stopped to watch me ride by, while everyone in it waved and smiled.  I cannot say enough good things about the motorcycle the dealership and more importantly how I felt riding through town.

Thank You Harley Davidson

Keep Checking back as we will have more photos and even videos of this road test and more in our media gallery coming shortly…