Bucharest Pubs

The “Pub” wave is definitely spreading across Bucharest. Is it a case of “monkey see, monkey do” or is there a true demand for a cold Pint and some grub? Only time will tell, and those who can swing the hefty rental rates in old town Lipscani will be the first to weigh in. Spend an evening and take a walk though Lipscani and see what you see. Seems like every night you go down there something “new” that you didn’t notice before has opened up doesn’t it? We have Bordello’s, the popular hangout that is the talk of the town, we have St. Patrick’s with most likely the most stunning facade of woodwork this side of the river, and Vintage Pub, what seemed like a “me too” Pub until they nailed down what appears to be a pretty cool theme and an enjoyable atmosphere. But keep walking and keep looking. You’ll notice a few more welcome additions to the pub scene. But its not just in old town Lipscani that the Pubs are popping up… scattered around town you’ll find some coffee shop conversions, some buyouts and retrofits, some international twists on what one assumes to be a pub (the latter is more of an attempt more than anything else). Whether it is to specifically target the growing demographic of English coming to Bucharest or to become the epitome of what one believes “every other great city” is, Pub owners clearly feel there remains a niche to fill in Bucharest. Hopefully for their financial sake they are correct. Until then it remains a competition for clientele. Who will pour the perfect pint? Who serves the best snacks at the most reasonable price? Who has the greatest ambience? Where is the best service? Which pub is the most consistent in all these aspects? Bucharest Expat now welcomes a great new resource for the travelers, expatriates, and Bucharest Night-life lovers alike that features the very best of the Bucharest Pubs. Comments and discussion will surely occur of time, so enjoy! www.BucharestPubs.com