Better Consulting

As an expat, you will be very, very familiar with the concept of consulting; more specifically small business growth consulting. This is a niche that can be tapped in nearly every developed and developing city across the globe. As we go about our daily Bucharest Life, we consistently come across the same scenarios when we patronize many local establishments. Some of our experiences are of course excellent, and we tell as many people as we possibly can about so and so’s great service, excellent atmosphere, attention to detail, consistency, interaction with customers, the ability to “read your mind” as to your needs as a customer. However most of our experiences (yes I do say most) here in Bucharest are not so great when it comes to those same elements. Some of us keep our opinions to ourselves, some of us justify our negative experiences, but lets face it, the majority of us “spread the word” about just how awful our latest experience was. Have you ever brought a group of friends to a restaurant you have bee raving about for ages only for them to see that it is not all you made it out to be? Have you ever sat miserably at your cafe table awaiting service because the passing staff was on the way to “their” tables and not yours? Ever been greeted with a condescending sneer at your once favorite hotel chain? By now you have a clear mental picture as to the moments in day to day life we are referring to. This is where consulting comes in. We are not talking about the kind of consulting of days-gone-by where the business owners giggle with enjoyment over their new-found pile of cash sneakily created through the careful manipulation of service prices and sales trickery…noooo… we are talking about the new wave in customer satisfaction that this “new economy” absolutely demands; the kind of customer satisfaction that keeps people “talking” about how great your business really is, the kind of customer service that improves the bottom line of your business or service, and most of all, the satisfaction of both business owners, employees and the ever-valued clientele.

With unending competition for dining, lodging, shopping, etc. popping up daily creating many, many options for people living in Bucharest, it is time the business owners stood up and demand an excellent image with excellent service. This is the “way” to growth and higher profit. It is simple.  As customers isn’t it time that WE stand up and demand more accountability from the establishments WE patronize? Of course it is… that’s how the local economy and the marketplace excels. Find Out More About The Next Wave In Better Consulting By Clicking This Link.