Kapitalism: Our Improved Formula

Just hitting cinemas is the new Romanian Move entitled Capitalism: Our Improved Formula. Kapitalism: Reteta Noastra Secreta. Official Website. Here’s the idea of what this movie is about. A documentary created by Alexandru Solomon, Kapitalism is a look at the drastic changes that have occurred throughout Romania since the collapse of communism in Europe. The film is portrayed in an entertaining way, by resurrecting Ceausescu so he can have a “look” at how Romania has changed and how capitalism and westernization plays a part in this change. The film features portraits of some wealthy Romanians. You’ll see Gigi Becali, George Copos, OTV television owner Dan Diaconescu, and Dinu Patriciu. This movie is a definite “must see” especially for us westerners who wish to see how “our” culture is rapidly assimilated in to other cultures in a “surreal” fashion. Below are the two best trailers for this film: