Sheesha at Egypt & A Walk Around Lipscani


As spring taunts us for a few hours every day now, and we have the occasional warm evening, I figured it was high time we headed over for a “nice” comfortable evening walk around Lipscani. The street-side tables are beginning to blossom, as the national flower of “old town” seems to be the cafe umbrella… they’re planted everywhere. We parallel parked our car along the curbside on Calea Victoriei, which is a ten meter walk, if that into the “entry” of Valea Regilor, the unique (at least to us “new urban” minded Americans) covered alley-turned-cafe-tunnel that walks you directly in to old town Lipscani. So we meandered our way through the ordered chaos of partial renovations and jumping hot-spots to see “what’s new”. With a peak into some of the shops and a brief walk past the Irish Pubs and Sushi “bars” we wound up right back at Valea Regilor to sit down and relax at Egipt; the casual pseudo-arabic themed lounge/sheesha bar/cafe for a cheap Nargila and beer. It was more crowded than usual, and required reservations, but we were able to wrangle up a table. For the budget minded, this place is IT. I ordered an Ursus Black beer, half a liter, for 7 lei. Can’t beat that. Our nargila, that lasted longer than we could smoke, was 11 lei. With everyones drinks the total came to less than 40 lei, so cheaper than cheap for a group night out. So being that this was a monday night and the place was packed full, it may be becoming enough of a haven that reservations will become almost mandatory. Call ahead and book your table.

16-20 Calea Victoriei 
021-311 29 69