American Icons Hit Bucharest

Is Americana hitting Bucharest in a big way? From fast food to fast cars it appears to be true. We know just by driving through the streets of Bucharest, and down “Car Show Alley” in Dorobanti that Bucharest definitely has it’s fair share of exotic and luxury automobiles. But what about the Great American Muscle Cars??? Well search no more because is proof to all things great in the Automotive world. Within Bucharest there are literally hundreds of American Muscle Car and American Classic car fans. I am one of them.


Although this forum is primarily in Romanian, you will find the occasional english thread going on, which in itself is a great opportunity to “Get involved” in a growing segment of Car Enthusiasm in Bucharest.

After talking a while with people up at the Dodge Viper display in AFI Mall, you begin to see what really interests people in the Automotive world here… it’s the stuff that is “different” from your everyday Dacia or Porsche Cayenne (hah). The amusing thing is that even exotics such as the Mercedes McLaren SLR and the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Aston Martins are common sightings around here, enough to where a nice 1960’s Camaro for example would “stand out” and gain all the attention.


So if you are a car nut and wish to “plug in” to the car culture, then start with and start some english threads and topics… lets see about building that group up to it’s full potential as well. Enjoy!