Alice In Wonderland


Last night Thursday March 4th was the premiere of Disney’s Alice In Wonderland movie. We all went to the 11:59pm showing at AFI Palace Cotroceni, AFI Mall, Megafun, or whatever it wishes to be named at this given point in time. Believe it or not, Alice In Wonderland, Starring Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, was the top search yesterday on Bucharest Expat. The “movie going spirit” is still alive and well. So for those of you that have seen the original, as well as animated versions of alice, this new portrayal by Tim Burton follows both story lines pretty closely. Obviously lacking the twists and turns as Lewis Carroll’s original, the final product fits together nicely in it’s 2 hour rendition.


This Alice In Wonderland is in 3-D so it requires those goofy glasses throughout the entire movie. The effect is great, especially on the “fall” down the rabbit hole. If watching this at AFI try to sit 5 rows back. The first row of seats in the cinema doesn’t actually begin until about 20 feet or so back from the screen. Tickets are 34 ron each.

For those of you that have seen Avatar in 3-D, the glasses and system for 3-D delivery was slightly better. There were three of us watching this movie and we ALL had dirty scratched glasses… so look at your pair before final selection. oops.

So, in this Alice In Wonderland, be sure to catch the cast at the end, you’ll be surprised who did some of the voices. Harry Potter’s cast meets Tim Burton’s cast. Click Here For Cinema Listings