Viper Update/AFI Mall

Dodge Viper Tombola Update:

So what is the truth behind the Viper Tombola in AFI mall? If you have not been yet, you must go and see this. I wandered up there just for something to occupy my time. Above Real Supermarket on the second level in AFI mall there is a 1,176 horsepower Dodge Viper, a display of a KTM 450 SMR motorbike, a nice new example of a Vespa motorscooter, three of the 5 prizes being offered through American Marketing & Branding’s “Viper Tombola”. It seems to be progressing right along up to the April 3rd giveaway. The big question is why? Why is American Marketing & Branding as well as other prime partners (as you’ll see on the car itself now) doing this event? The reason, come to find out, is because of a close affiliation with a charity (to soon be announced at an upcoming event) as well as a way for American Marketing & Branding to kick off the launch of their company. This “kick off” will also be announced shortly, but from what we at Bucharest Expat seem to know so far it is a way for them to introduce some new twists on affordable guerilla marketing techniques to Bucharest (granted there have been tombolas (raffles) here before, none have drawn this much attention and have featured some of the “crowd gathering” techniques as this tombola has). The idea behind AMB is to partner with and hand-hold smaller companies to take them to the bigger leagues. American Marketing & Branding wishes to show companies that may need an extra “boost” in todays economy, that spending tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Euros on marketing and advertising through “traditional” media and marketing companies is a fool’s game. Check out this event, see the car, talk to the staff, its definitely something you won’t see everyday, and makes for unbelievable photo opportunities. I wonder how Romanians will respond to this type of marketing… who knows… and Here’s a brief video: