Taverna Sarbului

For a more relaxed atmosphere with occasional events (see www.tavernasarbului.ro) this traditional Romanian restaurant gets a thumbs up in our book. All to often you will find yourself at a “La Mama” or the like seeking out what is said to be decent Romanian food. it’s not. Taverna Sarbului is. We went their late one friday night (parking was a bit of an issue.. if you see a spot along the street…take it) for a business meeting. Sitting upstairs gives you the right mood and the proper atmosphere for speaking and dining, as there are only two tables deep seperated by an aisle upstairs. Each loft area is somewhat narrow. This helps cut down on chaos and ambient noise levels.

The food is excellent, and the menu is simple to read. It’s the “point to a picture” style menu, great for us foreigners. I ordered the schnitzel with polenta and a soup for starters. No complaints at all. The schnitzel was actually more than I could eat. They offered a to-go or “doggie bag” to me, which shocked me, as this is usually a point of confusion in Romanian restaurants (how dare you take your food with you). Everything else we ordered was excellent (the pork in cream sauce and polenta is also incredible) and the service was impeccable.

They also have wifi. If you need to give a corporate presentation over dinner than this is the place!

Located on Herastrau Lake


Str. Tipografilor nr 31

Tel – 021 490 60 50 / 021 490 60 51