Swarovski Mercedes

For your daily dose of Bucharest Humor… Whether you’ve been in Bucharest for a while, are just arriving, or have read some of the posts and articles in depth within this site, then you’re probably very familiar with the gaudy-materialism way of being for a “select few” in Bucharest. From the “parking lot” display of  the “I traded my apartment for a Bentley” crowd in Dorobanti to the “luxury sportswear” display of Bucharest’s nouveau riche, the end of ridiculousness seems to be nowhere in sight.

You’ve seen the mobs of people in the malls surrounding the Swarovski Crystal stores during the Holidays and heard about the Swarovski Crystal Swine Flu masks prominently displayed in the media by Oana Zavoranu, now what will be the next big “trendy” luxury thingamabob in Bucharest??? Maybe the Mercedes SL600 Swarovski Crystal Edition?

Sure enough it’s on the way. In the following pics you’ll see various images of the SL600 cars “encrusted” with over 300,000 of this popular new item. These two cars are on display at the Tokyo Auto show for the SECOND year in a row, from an automotive accessory company named Garson D.A.D.

So let’s have a vote.. do you think we’ll see a “Swarovski” car pushing its way through all the flat black BMW’s and Bentleys anytime soon? Who knows. But you heard it here first!