Will the end of January be time for spring? Who knows… the weather center in Bucharest seems to think we’ll see some comfortable weather fairly soon! Wouldn’t that be nice. If you think back a week or so ago you’ll remember the first major snowfall we had for ’09. You’ll also remember that the snow clearing crews lagged a bit behind for the first day and a half. Well.. ofcourse they “didn’t know” it was going to snow so they were not prepared. They blamed the weathermen. Hah! Well, council got a bit upset at that one and decided to lay the hammer down on the managerial staff of the snow truck crews. Notice a difference? Roads seem a bit clearer a little sooner don’t they? Interesting.


This is a photograph taken yesterday on Blvd. Unirii right in front of the tram station. The photo is done by John Jenkins, whose additional work can be seen amongst the photos in our Facebook page as well as the sidebar on the Bucharest Expat site itself. It’s amazing how the “right” snowfall can make certain parts of Bucharest “pop” more than any other time of the year.