Romanian Educational System Re-do?

Interesting article yesterday in the media about a potential reform of the educational system here. (Link) Although any of this is unlikely at best, it does show initiative and gets one “thinking” about the true hurdles educational systems face nowadays. The long story short on this is that they [Basescu admin] are attempting to address core issues of the educational system. A common problem here is the “book smarts” vs “creative smarts” groups of students. Because of the different “passions” and therefore levels of interest coupled with the different methods and mechanisms in which students learn and absorb information, schools are left with widely varying graduation rates.


The system is very similar in ways to the system in the US, which was adapted or implemented during a heavily industrialized economy. Now that we are well into and even beyond the information age, classes must adapt to the new desires of modern employers. From what we are reading, the new administration may have a glimmer of hope in at least “grasping” the concept of allowing students to pursue their passions and “move” their educational curriculum in a direction that will benefit them and their learning desires and abilities. This is taking the “No Child Left Behind” basic concept and pushing it to the next level.

So with the implied direction to be a focus on students “talents” rather than a general curriculum that causes “aimless job wandering” upon graduation, one could hope to see further economic growth in highly specialized fields… but also a potential “stand” from existing teachers who would no longer carry the “cache” they once did with their job titles in the past.

The reality of this change geared towards students talents will likely be pulled down via the “change resistant” demographic of Romania. Only time will tell. It’s the same in the US. Resistance to change on a massive level. I am currently reading Robert Kiyosaki’s new book about the Federal Reserve and US banking system, whcih everyone should take a look at, but he is the famed author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books, which spawned a game called “Cashflow”. This game was the beginning of a movement to reform the educational system. The concept was and still is basically the same. Forget about gpa’s and getting 100 percent in History if your primary desire and focus is computer tech. Where do you all think this will wind up?