Mojo’s New Year Great!


The Bucharest Expats were at Mojo’s in Lipscani for New Years Eve! Even though the weather was dreary, inside Mojo’s was still a “slam dunk” as they say. For 250 Ron a head one could have a table or a prime spot at the bar, all you can drink shots, cocktails, beers, and an excellent selection of snacks, hors de oeuvres, and buffet-style main course dishes throughout the night.

We all seemed to “roll in” around 9-10 o’clock, to get the night started just after a late dinner. Our guess without having the real numbers in was that there were between 200-300 people there… a very comforatable amount of people inside of the club.

For those of you not familiar with Mojo’s, it’s a reletaively new entry to the nightlife scene in Bucharest, and is located in the “not yet complete” section of Lipscani. As the streets signs aren’t the easiest in the world to keep track of, just look for the street that has the temporary plank walk system set up. Although it’s an issue now, this will be a prime, beautiful location once the street is re paved in the very near future.

Walking in to Mojo’s you’ll be greeted with a great fusion of old and new with an “industrial & Rock and Roll theme going on in the main level, and your typical bricked “rooms”, common in the old town going on downstairs with the live band stage. There is also a mezzanine level upstairs as well where you’ll catch some karaoke. With an extremely large bar area both upstairs and down, you’ll be sure that you won’t have to “squeeze in between” and rub shoulders of people as your trying to order a drink. Even on New Year’s there was plenty of breathing room.

After a great night with great music (the live band was incredibly, and will play regularly, they weren’t too loud but could be heard clearly when you wanted) and great networking opportunities (conversations could be hear, especially downstairs in the “rooms”) everyone seemed to call it a night just in time to get home and back to bed for sunrise! We hope to have the same fun next year at Mojos…


Str. Gabroveni 14

tel. (+4) 0760 26 34 96

Open: 18:00-05:00