Wifi & Parking & Coffee

Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop on the ground floor of the Golden Tulip Hotel, just off Blvd. Unirii around the corner from Bucuresti (Vitan) Mall has gained me as a repeat customer. Here’s why:

There is a great Valet out front that will assist you in finding a spot to squeeze your car in on the designated car park outside. There is no need to try to accomplish strange parking maneuvers on busy streets.

So far I have had zero issues with the reliability, compatibility and speed of the wifi network here (network name “wireless”). In fact, this post is being sent from that wireless network. Normally I would have to wait to send my posts via the wifi I’ve got at home or in the office. (Because I have three wireless devices online at this time I may be irritating the other customers a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be tying up too much of the bandwidth).

The atmosphere does have a lot of smoke, and as a non-smoker, it tends to bother me if I am on edge already (save the “I picked the wrong city to be a non-smoker in” jokes… I know…lol). To conquer this, sit at the tables toward the serving area, as the smoke hovers around the front window area, which by the way if you don’t mind smoke, is a great view out if you like to sit and watch people and cars.

Coffee prices are almost dead-on with Starbucks, maybe 5% more on average as Gloria Jeans’ positioning in the market is a bit more “upscale” at least in the States. So this puts your common drinks like lattes and cappuccinos in the 10-13 Ron range, depending on size. A slight bit less than a fite’ Turabo but slightly more than some smaller non-branded espresso cafes.

The pastries look pseudo-fresh (that’s a compliment) and are not overpriced. 7-12 Ron

Self-serve. Self-explanatory.

Here’s a brief background on Gloria Jean’s Coffees:

It was founded in Chicago in 1979 by (you guessed it) Gloria Jean Kvetko, and started life as most coffee shops do; a small single store with coffee and gifts.

In 1995 the “interesting” part began. Nabi Saleh, an Australian by residence, and an international commodities trader partnered up with Peter Irvine, the former Managing Director of Advertising Agency DDB Needham, and purchased the International Licensing rights for the coffee shops and brand. A year later, the two formed a company to take control of the International Franchising rights, more specifically to expand the Australian Market. The Australian Market today spans over 400 locations, compared to just over a hundred on the US side.

Just announced in 2009 was the intention of their company to now acquire the US operations from GJ’s parent co. Diedrich Coffee.

So there you have it… now you have another reason in support of why BuchExp group is going full force with American Marketing & Branding (shameless plug). “Calling all investors…..”