US Embassy FAIL

And yet again the US embarrasses us all in its’ plans for the “new and improved” US embassy. First of all… why? What was really wrong with the first embassy… land lease expired? Yeah… uh huh. The big prison-esque structure behind the Intercontinental is going by-bye, at least as its’ dual purpose “venue” is it is now. The US has decided (as its ties weaken) that their footprint on foreign soil must grow larger and much more apparent. Ah, may we have a beautiful, architecturally pleasing Embassy like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET HAS? Nope.. we are the US and we insist on building a hideous, sterile, institutionalized fortress simply because we don’t care (oh, and by the way, we’ve pissed off so many countries we can’t have windows and walls any less than 4 meters thick)! So why is it that the US can’t build a “nice” embassy? Why does the security have to be so tight? It’s just my opinion of course, but I think they have something to hide and even more to be worried about… EVERY country I’ve been to seems to have their fair share of aesthetically pleasing embassies, until you get to the American “shelter” of an embassy, that always looks just plain ridiculous. It’s like the US just can’t stop taking big giant “craps” on whoever and whatever it happens to “grace” with its presence.


Now granted some may look at this picture and wonder what all of my complaining is about. They also may think to themselves that placing this in Baneasa is reasonable, as it is convenient for random escapes to the newly privatized airport, or be pleased in the fact that this is being built with 2 levels in order to “save space”. You may also want to let me know that the “reason” US embassies are fortresses is to protect against those evil foreign citizens that wish to harm all who believe in personal freedom. But again.. all just opinions. Anyways, below is a link to a website that has more information of this beautiful structure, and the safety, security, and grace of God it will bestow amongst Bucharest!