The Pickpockets Have Arrived


Happy Holidays. To all the “five finger discount” shoppers out there. We at the Bucharest Expat wish to remind you of a prior post… about a friend of ours who lost his very, very expensive camera to a thief. Well, just recently another friend of ours had his wallet pulled from his coat pocket while it was resting on a chair. Not only is there a possibility that this could happen to you, but it WILL if you are not careful

It has been on the news quite a lot recently as well as in the newspaper. The petty criminals are TARGETING Romania this holiday season due to the growing (which is in question) expat population in Bucharest, especially during the holiday season. It is almost dead-on accurate in the assumption that expats carry more cash and valuables on them. Stop doing this! At least for now. Simple rules again that we all know:

Wallets in front pockets

Purses in front or on your lap

Keep an eye on your goods when dining or sitting

If you have to wear your Rolex, understand that you are just advertising

Don’t keep ANYthing into your vehicle. Period. If you have a removable face on your stereo.. it’s better for you to remove it than the fellow that just smashed your window.

Keep an eye on your housekeeper, property manager, anyone with access to your apartment or hotel. Or call us and see what we have available to help.

Be Smart! Live. Learn. Bucharest.