Sustainable Building Is Here


Also known as “green” or “off-the grid” living, sustainable living is now spreading like wildfire as the economy wobbles and people look for “alternative” solutions for cost of living and lifestyle issues.

There has been a myriad of alternative and low cost living options available for quite a while now, especially here in the European market. Many of these options can be seen on as well as What you’ll typically see is a modernistic type structure that is pre-assembled, or “prefab” and brought to the site and installed as a “turn-key” home. As cost per meter prices begin to rise, and “urban sprawl” continues to grow, these homes will become viable alternatives.


You’re also looking at very, very cheap energy costs on these type of homes, so coupled with our crazy economy, these present a strong alternative to the typical lifestyle.

The reason for this post, is that we just “got wind” of a new Shipping Container community that may come online sometime very soon near the loop. Do I think this will work? No… not now. In the future… heck yeah. Here’s the scoop:

As you can see from these photos, a simple Ocean Transport Shipping Container can be “turned in to” something quite amazing. In this case a luxury home with every imaginable amenity. The image below sourced from is proof that a simple corrugated metal box can almost laughably be transformed into this.


These homes will apparently (I’ve never built one, so I don’t know for sure) cut your utility costs by more than 50%. The are sustainable in design. Low impact on the environment. They are extremely cost effective to build as they use almost all recycled materials, not including the fixtures and furnishings inside ofcourse, that part would be up to the homeowner.

If anyone knows the exact location of the proposed cluster development of container homes, please comment on here. How do you think this will be accepted within our local community? Half the cost of an equivalent house in Baneasa sounds Great!