Natural Food. What’s that?

If you ask an American to describe “Natural Food” you’ll here a list of supermarket and grocery store chains that claim to sell off the shelf natural products….. I’m sorry… I can barely keep a straight face while saying that. Fresh and Natural products in the US are about as common tax savings. Natural foods are something still found in Bucharest, sometimes at hypermarkets if you know where to look, but most often at the extremely affordable outdoor and semi-enclosed markets scattered around town.

So what exactly do I mean by “Natural” food? Well, if you travel about 20 kilometers outside of the city center to any of the surrounding villages (perfect example would be Domnesti, 12km from the Mariott’s front door) many, many of the families and home out there have vast gardens in the yards, where they grow peppers, cabbage, corn, tomatoes, herbs, spices, apples, grapes, potatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, and the list goes on. These food items flourish in outside of Bucharest because we do sit on very unpolluted and fertile soil. This alone is more than can be said for virtually anywhere remaining in the US.

Everyday, these items are loaded up into trucks and brought into town to be sold via table top at any of the local food markets. From fresh cheeses to “just laid” eggs, you’ll find it if you look around Bucharest. And the best part? It’s a fraction of the cost of pre-packaged products at the stores!

Click The Link Below To View an Interactive Map Of The Natural Markets Around Bucharest:

There’s an EXCELLENT market just on the left past Molly’s Irish pub in an old converted exposed rafter train station. It’s just after the Pharmacy on the left on Calea Calarasilor.

Here’s a personal story:

When I first came to Bucharest a few years back, I weighed about 240 lbs (109 kilos). I have never been one for hardcore exercising, and I never really pushed myself to even do basics. I now weigh around 195 lbs (88 kilos) and I can attribute it almost 100% to diet. Quite a bit has been from cutting out soft drinks and junk food almost entirely, but the main reason is home cooked dinners virtually every night consisting of entirely natural foods, both meat, vegetables and fruits/cheeses. Below is a photo that shows the difference between a “yellow” nutrient poor yolk of a chicken egg vs. an “orange” yolk of a nutrient rich, healthy local chicken.

It is completely amazing to see and feel the change in your body that will occur from eating higher quality, non-chemical based foods.