Icy Roads & Crowded Metros

Well, it’s still snowing out there, and if you’ll take a look at the webcams on our site (click here) you can “judge” which driving routes look as though they’ll be less likely to have ice on them. Yesterday being the first day of snowfall in Bucharest, there was a time for “adjustment”. The roads were very slick… I actually followed one of the plow trucks with a “gritter” attachment, sprinkling the salt around on the roads, but the mechanism was clogged, so he was only salting the back of the truck. Wonder who’s paying for that.

Sitting in traffic was ofcourse a nightmare. an hour from Mihai Bravi to Unirii…lol. That evening I thought I would be “smart” and park the car and take the metro. Turns out everyone else in Bucharest wished to be “smart” as well, so the metro was like herding cattle and took a long time, and the roads had freed up. My solution? Stay at home. If you have to go somewhere, take your car, but search wisely for alternate routes and back roads. Don’t plan on taking the tram or the bus until you confirm they are running at proper schedule. If you are close to a metro station, pop your head down there first to gauge the crowds. Remember: riding in the Metro in close proximity to everyone puts you at risk of being pick pocketed during the holidays.