High Heels Cafe At AFI Mall Has Live Sax!

We went to AFI last night to walk around and grab a cup of coffee while discussing Christmas ideas, and chose an “interesting” cafe this time. It is called High Heels and is located on the top floor on the parking garage side of the mall. I think this is an interesting coffee shop because I can “See” where they were going with the concept. Most of the coffee shops around Bucharest have the same feeling. They are trying to be reminiscent of a 1990’s Executive lounge in an airport or something…the IKEA elite furnishing team… who knows. Anyway… High Heels is great to bring a date for that quick cup of esspresso in the mall if your out that was. Chairs are comfy, the atmosphere is nice and different, somewhat of a retro feel, and……best of all….. when we went last night they had a LIVE Saxophonist playing popular old hits. Sorry I don’t know his schedule. If anyone knows.. please post comment.