Filling/Petrol/Gas Stations Closed for Shift Change….

When driving around Bucharest “late” at night in search of a quick snack, or a fill up of your car’s tank at your nearest petrol station… beware. I found out tonight the hard way that not only the OMVs but the Agip and Mol stations all closed the doors and barricaded the entrances. It was very very irritating, and I ended up making circles around town just for a late night beer run.

As it turns out, roughly around 11:00 pm is “shift change” when all the POS registers close down, are counted out, and prepared for the deposit. Of course they can “not handle” any cash during this transition. That would be too difficult. Apparently even at places such as the 24hr Real over near AFI, if your shopping and have items in your hand during their shift change, you may as well continue shopping, as they won’t be able to cash you out. Just a tip.