Don’t Waste Money At Salsa Picante!

Picante – spanish for spicy… or so we thought. Salsa Picante Tapas bar is a great “concept” for Spanish and South American Cuisine. Too bad they screwed it up beyond belief. While I am a firm believer that you should always try a new restaurant twice, I don’t think I have the pocketbook nor the patients to give this one another shot.

We were looking for a new restaurant we could try that may possibly have some spicy food, so we thought we would give this place a shot. The atmosphere is great, they are welcoming to their guests, and the table was able to comfortably accommodate 5 of us no problem. But this is where the good stops.

When you look at their big book of a menu, you first think to yourself, wow, there are a lot of options, then you get overwhelmed. Once you’ve gotten beyond that, you notice that each item has a time posted next to it, lets say :45. Well that means you can expect your food to come about an hour later than the placement of the order, as happened to us. Apparently the food sits and waits… cooling… until the last plate is done. Although I prefer food to all come at once for the table, a little prep work and efficiency training is needed; or they just need to cut their menu to the basics (the right choice anyways).

One of the other “issues” we had was a little line item borrowed from the Spanish and Argentineans called “cubiertos”. This is a typical charge in THOSE COUNTRIES for the “service” and place settings. WTF? Well now hold your horses… that includes the bread.. so everything should be alright now. Except for the fact that this particular line item CUBIERTO set us back 25 Ron. I sense loud laughter coming on.

When we “inquired” about the cold french fries (chips) and cubiertos line item, we received the typical “I’m sorry but it’s not my fault BS so common in todays’ World”. The waitress had absolutely no intention of doing anything about it other than placing the blame on her chef (hope he reads this). Once my friend who was with us leaned a bit closer to her and said “hey… you see that bald guy over there? Well he’s about to write a review of your restaurant in our website the Bucharest Expat dot com” well, that was like a lightswitch… all of a sudden she could take care of everything. We didn’t let her. They had their chance. We are here to help and inform expats, not get something for nothing. Like I said, they had their chance. They should treat every customer the same, sans sneakiness. We paid the bill, tipped her, and left… never to return again.

After all is said and done, you may wish to give this place a try, but be warned… you’ll want to ask upfront what is fast to prepare. The cost was 300 – ish ron for 5 people, so it is not very expensive, but make sure you get warm food and you are aware of Cubiertos!