Phoenicia Hotel Experience.

Drove by the Novotel Hotel on Victoriei the other night and stopped on to check rates (never a good idea as walk-in rates tend to be the worst). Surprisingly enough they are taking a “different” tact during economic difficulties. There pricing is high. 330 Euros to be exact for a room. They told me that was maximum rates, but weren’t willing to offer anything substantial off that rate. A far cry from where it used to be priced at around 100 euros a night.

Where did I end up staying? The good ‘ol Phoenicia out near Banaesa. I still like the location of this place if you are a transient passing through. You’re close to the airport, so traffic isnt quite so big a deal, and you have the choice of going two directions (three if you’re headed “not quite” to the center, towards Sect 2) and the prices and amenities are still excellent. We paid 79 Euros for one night for two people. It included Wifi and breakfast in the AM. The room has a comfortable bed with plenty of room to stretch out, (ask for an extra comforter though) and the mini bar is well stocked with odds and ends at prices that would break the bank. A new addition however is a pack of Durex condoms with the toiletries in the bath. Interesting. Maybe due to the nightclub downstairs.

The restauraants arent that bad either, with Romanian and Lebanese cuisine being the best choice inside. The Lebanese is El Bacha, a carryover from the Mariott’s Lebanese Restaurant which has now changed names. A word of warning however… watch the prices downstairs at the lounge/bar area. An orange juice will set you back over 15 ron. Fitze oranges?