What Are Expats Really Seeking?

At BucharestExpat.com we’ve been having quite a few “group” discussions about what it is exactly that expats are seeking. What is it that expats are looking for? What do they want? Where do they want to go? What do they want to see? What do they want to lear? The list goes on and so do the discussions. From services to events, group discussions to networking opportunities, we’re going to be “adding it all” on the BE website, and we’ll be implementing these goodies in an “easy to read” and “easy to navigate” format.

But we still have yet to really address the big question…

What is it that everyone really desires as an expat? To begin to answer this, we must all look within ourselves, as we ARE expats. What is it when we desired when we were “newbie” expats? What is it we searched for when we became “comfortable” in our new environment? What is it we are demanding now after being here “a while”… and where and how do we wish to position ourselves in the future in Bucharest?

Here it is everyone.., the question of the day! Let’s see everyones answers and as a group, a group of expats, we’ll build the number one resource for “Everything Bucharest”.