The Invincible Pedestrian

I remember about a year ago the “almost collision” that would have followed me the rest of my life.. in a horrible way. Yep, you guessed it… I almost hit a pedestrian. At the time, I swore to others and in my own mind, that he actually tried to hit me…. I must be crazy right? Well no.. apparently I was not crazy at all! This was the scenario for me and many other drivers; you would be driving along, obeying all the traffic rules and regulations, come close to a cross-walk (the keyword here i believe is “close”) and out would “jump” a pedestrian… literally!! I mean… they seem do disobey the laws of physics in what the way the are not there on moment, and there the next!

A common problem that legislation apparently acknowledged some time back! You see, if a motorist hit a pedestrian, it was of course of no fault of the pedestrian, the responsibility lie entirely on the driver of the vehicle to pay the family in the event of death, or pay all medical bills (to any amount) due to the victim, plus “a little more”. You see where I am going with this right? You guessed it… Romanians took it upon themselves to create a nice, new, albeit risky, income stream. The “jumping in front of cars for money” scheme was a big deal. Cars were required to stop at EVERY crosswalk and yield to any existing or potentially existing pedestrians! Well, this is no longer the case from what I here. I am not saying go hit a person, gather points or notches on the belt… no…. I am just saying the laws have now changed to give some protection to the Motorists.

Of course if someone is crossing at a cross walk you must stop and let them cross, just like any other city. If they are not at a cross walk nor at an intersection the pedestrian is now crossing at his or her own risk. This doesn’t mean you won’t face some “issues” if you hit someone… but the “open and shut” cases are slowly disappearing.

It is interesting to note the “new” crosswalks scattered around town that seem to display their very own unique LED and strobe light show in order to get the attention of aggressive drivers.