Recommended Hospital

Floreasca hospital, over near Dorobanti, at the corner of Stefan cel Mare, is probably one of the “better” hospitals I’ve been to. Now, granted, I have only been to Pantelimon hospital once prior to this one, and it was really horrible. The doctors were a*#holes, the cleanliness was on par with a trash center, people were noisy and wandering in the hall… I felt I would get healthier just sitting at home doing nothing. Well, two days ago I fell off an ATV in Arges, and got pretty bruised up, so, as the medical center in Curtea de Arges was closed this late at night (11pm) we drove the extra distance back to Bucharest to go to a hospital here. I called some friends and we decided the best place for me to go was Floreasca Hospital Address: Calea Floreasca 8, district 1, Bucharest├é┬áTel.: (+4) 021 317.01.21 because it was supposed to be “nice”. Whatever that meant. Well, when I got there, I had two great staff assist me out of the car (onto a rolling bed, as it hurt pretty bad to walk) and wheel me immediately into radiology for x-rays. Literally 15 minutes later I was complete with 4 x-rays, and in with the Doctor (a very nice Dr. named Ioni) and he talked for about another 15 minutes, in perfect english, making sure I understood the situation, and how to take the medications he was prescribing me. Total cost? Zero. I did however leave some “tips” I guess you’d call it… as I believe I will be back there in the future for “who knows what”. What are some other medical experiences everyone out there have had?