Meeting Romanian Women

Part I of II. Let’s see if I can get some information out on this subject without pinging every porn site in  existence. This is clearly a popular topic and highly searched keyword in Bucharest, so it’s time  for some real insight and truth.

Foreigners can and do meet beautiful, intelligent, and “perfect” Romanian  women and ultimately have a great relationship or even get married. I did. My wife  of two years this November is Romanian, and I met her in Bucharest. There is no “secret” to it,  but after talking with her and a lot of other people, I know what you should NOT try to do…

Unless you have been living under a rock, or have yet to arrive in Bucharest for the first time,  there are advertisement for “massages” almost everywhere. From hotels, to restaurants, to signs on the street, to business cards in taxis, you can’t really go anywhere without spotting some type of sexual promotion. I know of married people, single people, you name it, that come to Bucharest specifically for the gorgeous women. It is also one of the main reasons certain cultures have created prosperous, unrelated business in Bucharest!

If you have any inclination or thoughts of this type of “venturing”, the only thing you need to do is walk down the street, or go to a club at night. I am not talking about a strip club, just your average dance club, and you’ll get a taste of what is offered in Bucharest as far as the women go.

I won’t go into the art of “picking up” a Romanian girl, for that you can go to this site is currently being assembled … so stop back soon…

What I will do is give you a brief summary of what to expect when going around Bucharest looking for “this”.

Nightclubs can be found beneath neon signage, the bottom floors or set-back corners of certain hotels (i.e. the downstairs of the Phoenicia) or down certain side streets. I can’t really describe what makes a nightclub (stripclub) vs a lounge stand out, but you’ll know it when you see it. Any difficulties you can pretty much ask any taxi driver, or pick up any promotional flyer in almost every hotel. When you’re in a nightclub, of course you’ll be approached by every single women as if you’re solid gold (does this make them gold-diggers)? Expect your wallet to lose about 1 kilo in weight every 30 seconds. You’ll be paying dozens of euros for cocktails and bottles of liquor at price increments that supposedly represent different “levels” of intimacy that can be obtained. Bottom line here, is stay away unless you have deep pockets, and zero expectations of “meeting that special someone”.

Coffee Bars Lounges and Clubs are full of women. Unless you are there with a person who can make introductions, you’re pretty much facing an uphill battle. Romanian woman have become virtually impervious to any innuendos. The whistling, hissing, and cheesy pick-up lines of many locals and foreigners go in one ear and out the other. Check back with us soon as we will be hosting some incredible events that solve quite a bit of the issues you may face here.

Look for Part II of this article shortly