Fratelli’s Club Still a Big Hit

Arrived about 4 in the morning last night (saturday) at Fratelli’s Club… the one in the steel framed temporary  building, definitely the best, as it stays comfortably cool, has more space to hold people, and amplifies the sound  fairly well. Walking in and getting a table (2,400 ron +-) was ok for us and no problems here due to the group we  were with, but I hear it is somewhat difficult to get in sometimes. More of an up-market club, you’ll definitely want  to wear something nice when you arrive here, and bring your favorite cigar as well.

This night was apparently a tribute to Grease/Michael Jackson/1980’s as the 80’s songs were masterfully remixed with some Thriller-Journey-Empire Strikes Back-Techno thrown in for thrills. While weekends are great, there are a lot of people there, so your chances of getting a spot at the bar is better left to thursday nights. All in all… a great bet. Don’t miss Fratelli’s!