Don’t Worry About Driving Style

When driving you’ll be sure to notice the horn-honking and headlight-flashing that goes on almost on a regular basis. This is not something to really be overly concerned with, because like motorists in other countries, Romanians feel a great sense of security and almost invincibility behind the wheel (especially if it’s a fancy wheel). No matter what they do, they probably won’t run in to you, as when you have an accident (illegal) all parties involved must take the drive to the local police station, where they will be greeted with hours of paperwork and waiting around. Nobody really wants to do that. When your going straight at an intersection and the person in the left lane is trying to drive through you to turn right, just be aware, but don’t freak out… they probably won’t hit you, just intimidate you. The horn honking? They are either having a bad day, or the traffic light you can’t see just turned green 1/1,000 of a second ago….so you should be well under way by now. If you think you’re doing something wrong while driving, forget about it…. just laugh. Ignore all the other B.S. and just get where you need to go. As long as you don’t drink and drive, crash in to something, speed through the villages, and wear your seat belt, then you’ll be just fine.