The “New” Old Lipscani

The Spaniards hit a home-run with the assistance in the redevelopment of old town Lipscani. If you have yet to go… you’re missing out. Probably half a dozen cobbled and bricked streets 90% pedestrian friendly is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes. If you have yet to visit, head on over to Victoriei and check it out. Just follow the people. ┬áSo far we’ve been over there almost all hours almost every day of the week and its great! (Right in front of the Banc they occosianally hold out door performances and plays… they are a must see as well!! Adjacent to the City Grill Restaurant. I recommend staying out late in the passage of the kings (or whatever its being called at the moment) and smoking some sheesha and having a beer. I’ll join you guys! Let me know! So where else is there to go and what else is there to do?