Simple Sector Rule of Thumb

Want to which areas are nice and the “coincidence” of why? Sector 1 and 2 are the best, in my opinion, while sector 3 is right behind. Sector 4, 5, and 6 are trailing the pack. See the connection?

The reasoning their are six sectors is pretty simple. It was established during the King times, before the Communist rule, contrary to popular belief. The 6 sectors were established in order to define social class and economic “standing”. Sector 1 was the best, sector 6 the worst. Period. The City Center, basically Unirii, is the heart of sector 1. You’ll find the nicest buildings here, although the massive houses of days gone by, exist no longer (You’ll need to head over Dorobanti to see the nicest in residential properties).

During the communist times, administrators and executives, for lack of a better term, were “given” the nicest residences in sector 1, and so on down the line to sector 6.

I’ll put a post of the sector map up here shortly. Keep an eye out for that. Let’s talk about the growth and development of the sectors, and what’s on the drawing board for improvements and changes in each…