Prices Fall During Crisis?

I hate to dig a shovel in the ground and turn up the “Economic Crisis” stuff, but here goes… I seem to be noticing that prices have dropped off a bit. Is this true? I bought a car that seemed to be a great deal, as opposed to about a year or so ago when I would look at the prices of cars and think to myself “I should be importing American luxury cars here”! Now it seems as though they are almost a better deal here. For instance I paid 3,000 euros for my little yellow 2007 Chevy Spark, mint condition with 70,000 KM on the clock. That seemed low to me (correct me if I’m wrong). I lived in Buenos Aires for a while and returned to Bucharest, fearing I would find cups of coffee tipping the scales at 12-15 lei per cup, but low and behold, they seem to be charging LESS than a year ago!!! Across the board! Am I missing something? Is this crisis related? Am I insane?