Getting Around

Getting around town can be extremely simple, or quite difficult and stressful… it all depends on what you know. At roughly 1,5 lei per kilometer for the average taxi ride, you’re on par with some of the cheaper taxi trips in Europe. For 20 lei ($8-ish USD) you can take a tour of the city. Just be prepared to sit in traffic for an ungodly amount of time. The taxi companies that I tend to use are Cobalcescu and Aris. Taxi 2000 is decent and there are others. Be sure you know the rates that are posted on the side, make sure they don’t charge more at certain hours of the day, and never get in a taxi that solicits you. I could go on all day on taxi’s so look for my article in the up and coming newsletter about taxi rip offs, how to avoid them and what if…

Taking taxis is of course just one option. Have you tried the metro? It is actually an excellent subway system, with some of the tunnels and stations recently renovated. For a hair over 2 lei you get a two way passage, with unlimited transfers if for some reason you would need more than one. Safety is almost not a concern on the metro, but as always, wallets in your front pocket and arm over purses. No reason to “give away” your belongings.

I have used a bus a few times now, as some days I am entirely to pissed off at traffic to even attempt to drive. The bus is stop and go, which gets annoying, you do have to know which numbered line gets you where and to what stops, they have recently begun selling only 2 tickets at once, it gets hot on the bus in the summer, and it is crowded. No thanks for me.. I’ll stick with the metro and its more “restricted” stations. I can walk 100 meters difference in a shorter period of time than the bus routes anyways.

I have never ridden a tram. Posts and comments appreciated on this one.

Rental Cars? When I first cam here I rented a cheapy diesel Yaris out of Baneasa airport. It was 40 euros a day and got me around. I will never rent a car again for use only in the city. Where it did come in handy was trips outside of Bucharest. Look in the business directory for my reviews and recommendations for the best source of short term vehicle rentals for foreigners. This is a touchy business, as the prices vary wildly from what is actually advertised.