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Buffalo Baz Bucharest

So I said to myself “Crap, I just wrote an article on where to find a great burger in Bucharest, and what I feel that did was lead me to a place that makes a better burger”. Well, I suppose at the end of the day there’s nothing wrong with having options – this simply demonstrates the rate at which Bucharest is continuing to grow. Here’s a true story; Some time ago, I was walking down the street – hungry – and decided I’d try a cheeseburger at a restaurant claiming to have something like “the best steaks”, or meat, or whatever. Well, I was pleased; as I recall, I did enjoy one of the best burgers I’ve had up to that point in Bucharest. My experience prompted me to write an article for Bucharest Expat, so that others could enjoy the very same meal. Well, with two and a half million readers, I can only assume that some enjoyed the story and also visited this venue. BUT what surprised me, is that this article prompted “MasterChef Baz” from “Buffalo Baz” to reach out to Bucharest Expat; a message that was then passed along to me. Simply put, this was just an “I’m here too” message. Well, I went ahead and Googled his venue, looked up the details, went to their Facebook page, looked at the photos, and then silently said to myself “pheww…. finally. It’s about time I find a place that looks like this”. I was born and raised in New York; more upstate. The food there was good. Really good. We had submarine sandwiches (or hero... read more

The English Vs. The Romanians – The Final Solution

Before we get in to how you can help hunt for those evil Romanians in the UK, we’d like to share some interesting information with you regarding racism, hatred, ignorance and beyond. Hopefully, we’ll succeed in making some connections to the issue at hand; a potentially renewed hatred towards Romanians due to the fallout (or possibly unintended consequences) of the new series on Channel 4; “The Romanians Are Coming”. To start things off on a lighter note, let’s talk about Black people. Particularly, blacks in America. Here’s a quick story, via Skype, from one of our contributing writers, Dennis: For those that have read my profile, you’ve probably seen that I’m from New York. New York is the city of diversity – cultural and otherwise. I, myself, fall within the “minority” category. Not only am I an immigrant, but I am also a Jeeewwww. I therefore reserve the right to judge others (because of my minority status, not because I’m Jewish). New Yorkers, in general (screw all of you New Yorkers that want to take the high ground and argue with me) are racist. Well, for that matter we’re all “racist”, but that’s a story for another day. But while racism may seem to slant towards “skin color” or “religion” that doesn’t always have to be the case. Let me describe what I mean. Decades and decades ago, in a land far, far away (let’s say post-segregated US), Asians began moving into the US (so sorry for the lack of a segue here). They moved into NYC in droves. NYC was (and still is) the unofficial capital of the... read more

The Mutilation Of An Architectural Masterpiece

Alright, we’ll go ahead and say it – the new bookstore in Lipscani is a nauseating disappointment. The local media is touting this as a great renewal of an old building – and it’s garnering quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, it seems to be catching people’s eyes for all the wrong reasons. Before we get into the details of this statement – a statement that’s likely upset a number of people already – let’s go backwards in time for a moment… We all know that Bucharest is a mixture of old and new, historical and beautiful, historical and not-so-beautiful, communism and modernism, and that’s alright – we accept that. Architectural diversity is one of the things that helps make Bucharest a unique place. But let’s face it – there are only a handful of true architectural gems remaining in Bucharest (funny thing, a lot of these buildings seem to house the offices of public notaries). Are these gems not worthy of restoring or renovating in a way that preserves their architectural integrity? Now, we don’t own these buildings, so of course, it’s not our given “right” to judge what someone does with their own buildings [investment] however doesn’t it seem fit to make mention of the fact that “they’re not making any more old buildings”? So, “Preserving the architectural integrity”… let’s call this “Architectural Conservation” for the sake of this argument. What is Architectural Conservation? Well, according to Wikipedia, Architectural conservation describes the process through which the material, historical, and design integrity of humanity’s built heritage are prolonged through carefully planned interventions. The individual engaged in this pursuit... read more

Great Non-Smoking Cafes In Bucharest Part I

The increasing influx of expats into Romania means that businesses and services must adapt and evolve in ways that may be considered “out of the box” for many local business owners. There are many ways to attract this growing demographic; at Bucharest Expat we’re constantly on the look-out for a few key elements that draw us to a particular venue. Although the majority of us expats try as hard as we can to integrate well with local society, there’s nothing wrong with trying to “bring a little bit of home” to local living. Let’s take a look at the venues that make for a good workplace (for lack of a better term). There’s still a huge group of people (especially those arriving from the US and Canada) that like to work from a coffee shop. This is certainly a concept the divides crowds – as half of the people reading this may think “if you want to work, get an office” while the other half think “mobility and freedom to work where you want, when you want, is the wave of the future”. If you fall within this first group of people, then we hate to say it, but you’re a dying breed. More and more people have mobile lifestyles – the ability to take their business with them simply by way of laptop or tablet. The days are disappearing where one needs a full-fledged office space to be productive. By the way, this “portable lifestyle” is also what helped the gourmet coffee industry grow into what it is today – where there’s a Starbucks on every corner and... read more

Yes YOU’RE An Expat

A friendly argument that’s been running around for quite some time now, is whether or not a foreigner living in Bucharest should consider themselves an “Expatriate”. The reason we decided that now was a great time to post this article, is because we almost (that’s a very strong almost) decided to switch our name away from Bucharest Expat to something different. This was a tough decision to weigh. On one hand our website has evolved over the years to become much more streamlined. As it turns out, the majority of viewers seeking “news” are already to subscribed to feeds from prominent international media outlets. There’s no need for us to “regurgitate” news stories. We don’t need to be another BBC or CNN. What our readers ARE looking for is more travel related articles and information that’s geared towards Bucharest, broadening out a bit to Romania as a Country. On n the other hand, we thought “hmmm… maybe pulling the term “Expat” out of Bucharest Expat might be a good idea”. For the time being, we’ve decided to remain as Bucharest Expat. Here’s why; We’ve been here for a long time, and we have a well established brand locally, regionally, and nationally (of course its’ also a brand that “travels” across borders as our readers do). Bucharest Expat is instantly recognisable and is a term/phrase that is frequently searched by a lot of people. We’re written and created primarily by expatriates (expats). Our readers are aware of this, and value this because the content and information provided within our site comes from people with similar lifestyles and mindset. We offer... read more

Villas Snagov And Kiseleff

There’s always been fans of the architecture in Bucharest; the belle-epoque buildings surrounding Calea Victoriei, the Saxon homes scattered throughout the suburbs and seemingly random streets within the city centre, the Austro-Hungarian, French Neoclassical, and Gothic designs found throughout Old Town Lipscani, and even the sterile communist bloc buildings one simply can’t miss. Every so often a new “home” would sprout up that’s eerily reminiscent of a mid-1990’s Miami Vice-ish, nouveau riche, pleather and glass “palace” that would make us all think to ourselves “Oh gawd, I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come”. Interestingly and excitingly enough, trends seem to be changing… Architecture and Design firm DOOI Studio has now been responsible for what we would call “masterpieces” in architecture. While not for every taste, one can’t deny that these homes are indeed of high quality and exceptional taste. They are – in fact – works of art. The two houses we show here, were just recently featured on Contemporist – Villa Snagov, a stunning modern home on the shores of Lake Snagov just outside of Bucharest, and Villa Kiseleff, another modern gem situated in a premier community minutes away from Bucharest’s Centre. Villa Snagov – an impressive and imposing structure, is still able to blend harmoniously with its’ surroundings. The free-flowing and voluminous interior spaces are a reflection of the exterior’s expansive stone and glass facade. Situated on a strip of land between the woods and the lake, great care was taken to ensure that unparalleled views were available wherever possible. As if taking advantage of the views isn’t enough, the wall leading from the... read more

Buffalo Baz

Great American Burgers In Bucharest

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Yoraan Rafael

Yoraan Rafael

Contributing Photographer

Yoraan is originally from Mumbai, India, where he also lived until 2005. His first camera was a Zenit – a little too heavy for the arms of a 9 year old – borrowed from his father. This camera… Read More On Yoraan’s Website.

Fred Fogherty

Fred Fogherty

Contributing Photographer

After a 18 years career in the Art of live performances, Fred Fogherty decides to move behind the lens of the camera to share his past, present and future experiences and offer his new vision of the World… Read More On Fred’s Website

John Jenkins

John Jenkins

Contributing Photographer

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, John Jenkins now resides in Bucharest and is a part of the growing expat community. As an avid outdoor photographer, John’s specialty is landscapes and architectural elements which abound here in Romania.

Avisek Majumdar

Avisek Majumdar

Contributing Photographer

Avisek is a Photographer and Yoga Instructor teaching at Satyananda Yoga Romania. Avisek is currently living and teaching Yoga between Bucharest and Timisoara, Romania. You may Read More On Avisek’s Profile

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