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Discover What Bucharest Is All About

Bucharest Expat Offers You An In-Depth Look At The Paris Of The East. Find Out Why We Call This City Our Home.

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A City Trapped In Time

It’s Still Possible To Find Remnants Of Many Eras Scattered Throughout Romania’s Capital City. Bucharest Stands As A Truly Unique European City.

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Weekend Getaways Outside Of Bucharest

Take A Glance At Our Itineraries For Great Weekend Holidays Around The Region

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Bucharest Expat Articles

Our Articles Make Us Truly Unique. Check In With Us Daily For The Newest Stories From Expats About Bucharest And Life In And Around The Capitol City.

Beware The Boiler Room

You may remember when we ran a series of articles aimed at helping expats (or any other interested parties) with managing any investments that they may be able to make. We would now like to alert you to a form of scam that is sadly alive and well even after ‘The Wolf...

See What's Happening In Bucharest

A List Of Events And Holidays You'll Want To Know About

Upcoming Events

all-day Sarkis Exhibition @ National Museum of Contemporary Ar
Sarkis Exhibition @ National Museum of Contemporary Ar
May 15 – Sep 18 all-day
Sarkis Exhibition -  The visual representation of various artistic elements through a  graphic rainbow. Please consult the website prior to attending to confirm schedule and cost.
11:00 am Belle Art @ National Museum Of Art
Belle Art @ National Museum Of Art
May 29 @ 11:00 am – Sep 29 @ 7:00 pm
Commemorating 150 years since the National University of Arts was opened in Bucharest / Over 200 exhibitions. (free on the first  Wednesday of every month)
11:00 am SenzArt @ National Museum of Contemporary Art
SenzArt @ National Museum of Contemporary Art
Jun 5 @ 11:00 am – Dec 1 @ 1:00 pm
SenzArt -  Interactive communication through sensors -  Project organized for people with hearing and vision difficulties. Consult the website for exact times and costs. Here’s the exact schedule as of this event posting date: Schedule[...]
10:00 am Zoo Monetar @ Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum
Zoo Monetar @ Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum
Jun 13 @ 10:00 am – Oct 31 @ 5:00 pm
Muzeul Naţional de Istorie Naturală „Grigore Antipa” împreună cu Banca Naţională a României inaugurează joi, 12 iunie 2014, expoziţia temporară ZooMonetar – Fauna lumii pe bancnote şi monede. Expoziţia este găzduită în Sala Multimedia a[...]

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In a city populated by nearly two million people, nearly a quarter of a million official and unofficial expats, and millions more in annual travelers, it’s of no wonder that there are many things to see and do. While it’s nearly impossible for Bucharest Expat to list ALL of the events and goings-on in the Capitol City, We’ll do our very best to bring you a great selection and wide variety of events that may be of interest to you. Whether you’re a short-term or long-term tourist, an expat, or just passing through, we’re sure that you’ll find something here that will pique your interest. Be sure to subscribe to our calendar to receive direct notifications as well as contribute to our events feed.

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Bucharest Expat Presents...

The Bucharest Expat Monthly Top Five

Bucharest Expat Old Town Lipscani City Center

Old Town Lipscani Bucharest

Visiting Bucharest and curious about the “Must Sees” that you’ll wish to take advantage of while you’re here? In our opinion, one of the things you must experience while staying in Bucharest, is Centrul Vechi; or Old Town Lipscani. Now nearly filled-in with all-new venues, Lipscani is the renovated and remodeled heart of Bucharest. It’s here where you’ll find the largest percentage of foreigners enjoying the many dining and entertainment options…. not to mention the amazing outdoor terraces! View an overview of Lipscani on Bucharest Expat before the jump to our website

Dining And Restaurants In Bucharest Romania

Bucharest Dining

Bucharest is home to many nationalities… and the dining options abound! Whether you’re in Old Town Lipscani or elsewhere in Bucharest, You’ll have many international choices. Check out some of Bucharest Expat’s top picks for dining.

Lodging In Bucharest

Bucharest Lodging

Bucharest certainly has something for everyone, and that doesn’t stop when you need a place to rest. From hostels to high-end luxury hotels, boutique hotels to corporate condos, Bucharest Expat recommends our favorites.

Bucharest Entertainment And Nightlife

Bucharest Entertainment

Did you know that Bucharest, Romania has some of the most exciting nightlife in ALL of Europe? Believe it or not, this Romanian Capitol city offers some of the most stunning entertainment venues ever experienced. Here’s some of Bucharest Expat’s picks.

Doing Business In Bucharest Romania

Business In Bucharest

Bucharest is rapidly becoming an economic powerhouse for Eastern Europe. Bucharest Expat is a perfect place to begin your adventure of opening your business or service. We have many of the resources you’ll need as well as a section for networking with other expats.

Citibank Romania
Harley Davidson Of Bucharest
Whisper's Pub Bucharest
RoLang Romanian Language Classes
  • Visitors From The United Kingdom 46%
  • Visitors From The US & Canada 31%
  • Visitors From South America 7%
  • Visitors From Europe 11%
  • Visitors From Asia & Oceana 4%
  • Visitors From Africa 1%
  • Visitors From Antarctica 0%
  • Visitors Looking For Budapest 0%

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Featured Photographers

Bucharest Expat Is Proud To Showcase Some Exceptional Photographic Work Throughout Our Website

Yoraan Rafael

Yoraan Rafael


Yoraan is originally from Mumbai, India, where he also lived until 2005. His first camera was a Zenit – a little too heavy for the arms of a 9 year old – borrowed from his father. This camera… Read More On Yoraan’s Website.

Fred Fogherty

Fred Fogherty


After a 18 years career in the Art of live performances, Fred Fogherty decides to move behind the lens of the camera to share his past, present and future experiences and offer his new vision of the World… Read More On Fred’s Website

John Jenkins

John Jenkins


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, John Jenkins now resides in Bucharest and is a part of the growing expat community. As an avid outdoor photographer, John’s specialty is landscapes and architectural elements which abound here in Romania.

Avisek Majumdar

Avisek Majumdar

Photographer/Yoga Instructor

Avisek is a Yoga Instructor teaching at Satyananda Yoga Romania. Avisek is currently living in Timisoara, Romania, and in addition to Yoga, works as a part-time Photographer. You may Read More On Avisek’s Website

Local News

Find Out What Is New In Bucharest And Romania NOW. News From Your Favourite Sources.

Number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in UK rises 8%

Official figures show number of workers from new EU members has increased but is still short of predicted influx The number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in Britain rose by 8% in the second quarter of this year, according to the Office for National Statistics,...

The real Ceausescu | @guardianletters

In your article on Ikea and the Romanian Securitate (5 July), you state that the Securitate “did the dirty work of Romania’s dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, torturing and killing thousands of political opponents during his 24 years in power”. Ceausescu...

Sibiu theatre festival: Romania takes to the world stage

Romanian playwrights are taking an unflinchingly look at their country with targets matching those of their British counterparts The work staged this month at an international theatre festival in Sibiu, the former capital of Transylvania, proved a fascinating...
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